Look In Your Mirror

What do you see in the mirror?

Self-image is the beginning of mindset and where we can go from there. When you look in the mirror what do you see looking back at you? Do you see weakness or strength? Do you see talent or untalented? Is it disfigurement or good body image? Self-image begins with looking in the mirror and seeing the person you are inspired to be. If you look in your mirror and see anything less than that it is time to begin a new normal for yourself.

How do you change what you see in the mirror?

Changing your self-image is a daily practice and it sounds easy but our limited beliefs will always try to overrule the positive self-belief. So a person needs to be consistent with loving themselves and nurturing the inside as well as the outside. There are a number of ways that a person can begin this change of perception so let’s talk about some of them here in this post.

Having a daily ritual is very important to feeling good inside. Personally, I begin my day with some kind of spiritual feeding and it always includes my morning prayers that some type of motivational speaker. After this, I will post in my Facebook feed, story, and private group some kind of healing message. During this time I am having my two cups of coffee to start my day and maybe the day will come when those cups are replaced with something healthier. I have heard that coffee does have some nutritional value but more investigation into this is needed.

Once I move on from that I tap into my physical body and do some exercises that help with my blood flow and brain function. Breathing is a huge part of all your bodily functions and while I am breathing my mind is either clear of focused on something positive. Stretching is another way that I prepare my body for a good day. After all of these daily practices, I will eat something that is nourishing and healthy. Now, this is probably my biggest downfall because I love foods of different kinds so if I indulge I do pay attention to what it is I am digesting into my body. Do these practices really work?

Now, this is not a cure-all it is good practice for thinking positive about who I am. Some other practices are affirmations that I repeat in my head and in the mirror even after I believe them I still repeat them. It doesn’t take much to destroy what is built. Have you ever heard the story about the kid that ran up and stole an old lady’s purse? Most of us have heard stories like this more often than not. Now think about how often you hear the story of the boy that dropped everything to help the old lady cross the street. Too often the negative spreads more than the positive. So we have to work harder to keep the positive flowing through us and those around us.

There are so many little cliches that work here. Have you heard about the person that will say I am having a bad day or I had the worse day ever? We all have probably been that person at some point. The reality is we have bad moments and usually when we look at things from this perspective nothing is so huge that it can take the whole day from us. I haven’t always seen things this way and there are days I do struggle with this perception but I know that when my perception of life changes my perception of self changes.

3 Easy Steps To Take Each Day

Every day before you move into your daily life take 5 minutes to practice these simple steps. No more and no less. Hopefully, before this exercise, you have also done some kind of morning ritual that puts your mind, body, and spirit in a place where you are open to ideas.

1. Look in the mirror and identify 3 things you see that are awesome about yourself

2. After you identify your awesomeness then state 1 affirmation for your day

3. Say “I Love You” to all of you today.

Do this for 21 days and then watch the way you feel about yourself. An action takes at least 21 days to become a habit. If at the end of the 21 days you still feel like you did before this exercise began then do it another 21 days. Make this a daily practice even after you feel a change in your self-image. Remember it is in the positive things we do for ourselves that we receive our true empowerment.

Manifestation And You

You Become What You Choose

Just What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation, itself has great meaning, to manifest something is to create something from something else. As a child my sister and I would make mud pies from all of what was around us. We used the dirt, water, and sawdust to manifest a mud pie. Of course, she would try to convince me that this manifestation was delicious but I didn’t buy it. The dirt and water would be the chocolate pudding filling and the sawdust was the crumb crust. The creation was a manifestation of what was available to what was envisioned.

When I think about manifestation for a person it is exactly that creating something from what was all ready in existence (the body, mind, & spirit) to what the human being could believe or envision through those three entities in order to manifest something that is empowered with insight and mental fortitude. Now the pie story was a very simple version of a manifestation but it certainly makes a good example of how something can be manifested. 

How Does Manifestation Occur? 

Manifesting your dreams is a process that occurs when practiced and it involves the power of the mind’s energy. It is believed that one can manifest anything they want or desire through the process of manifestation. The first step in manifestation is to believe in the power of yourself. There are three basic strategy to manifest your dreams and wants.

The first is visualization, in this technique a person will find a quiet place where there are no distractions and then through breathing you will clear your mind. Your body will feel relaxed and open to the mind’s energy source. At this time you will be able to think about what you want once you have a clear image of this you will then feel you experiencing this want. Now that you have felt if you will believe it will appear be. Now, this may not occur immediately in time but if you continue to believe your thoughts and feelings you will achieve your manifestation. 

There are some great videos that provide some wonderful manifestation walk through. A person that I have found to do a great visualization is Gregg Braden in his video of teaching one how to ask through prayer. Gregg goes with a monk to a spiritual spot to pray and the monk then walks him through this process. It’s an easy way to do a manifestation for yourself. 

The next is scripting or journal writing. There may be individuals that have trouble visualizing in their mind but to write the visualization down with every last detail comes much easier for this person. They can write the way it feels, looks and every single detail about it. They journal daily what it will be like when this happens and write as if this has already happened and have gratitude for your vision.

The last process to manifestation is vision boarding. This can be a very powerful strategy to project your immediate short term goals as well as your 5 year plan. A vision board is a hands-on approach to visualization and can be a very empowering way to see your dreams manifest into reality. Jack Canfield is a big promoter of vision boards and how they can help manifest your dreams. Vision boards can be a lot of fun and bring out a person’s creativity. 

Some people will use all three techniques to manifest their dreams and then others may choose just one of these techniques. What ever you choose to manifest your dreams remember to think it, feel it, and believe it. 

Is It Difficult To Manifest Your Dreams?

The most difficult things to be able to do in order to manifest your dreams is to clear your mind of all negative self-talk. Many people have limited beliefs that have been within our minds and hearts since childhood. Often a person has spent a lifetime hearing and repeating things like “I’m so stupid” or “I can’t get that kind of job”. These statements can cripple a person to the point where they have no beliefs in themselves and when you are doing visualization you can not have self-talk that will disrupt the process of manifestation

In order for a person to move from these limited beliefs you have to acknowledge the belief and process where that belief came from, once you have identified the belief you then learn to rephrase that belief as a positive statement it will no longer negatively impact your mind or limit you. This is done when you turn the phrase around to become a positive statement this now becomes your new affirmation. Anytime you find yourself thinking empower you, pause and then restate it so that you become empowered. 

Negative creates negative so we always need to address any negative thoughts before we can move forward with manifesting your dreams. So the key is to be positive and more positive will appear around you. You have the power to create your reality. 

What is most important about all of this is not the technique to manifest your dreams, it is the belief in your dreams that is the most important part of all of this. If in the beginning it feels impossible it’s alright just keep practicing and it will feel stronger for you. As your belief in your thoughts strengthen so will the outcome of your thoughts manifest. 

What’s the fastest way to manifest something you want?

The fastest way to manifest something you want is to just think it, feel it and believe. The more you believe it the faster it will happen. Only you can interrupt this process so stay focused on your thoughts and keep your affirmations powerfully positive and one day you will have exactly what you were manifesting in your mind. 

Searching For Help With Manifesting Your Dreams

There are so many people that are renowned leaders in helping others manifest their dreams through the process of mental empowerment. If you feel that you would benefit from the help of a professional person in this area the link below will take you to a man that is an author, speaker, and successful business man.


Focus On The Road Ahead

When you take your mind off your vision in front of you fear sets in.

Does your road become broken and scary same days? When the road gets tough focus on what Is ahead and keep moving forward and you will get to your destination. 

There are days that we lose our focus and it can be due to internal or external reasons. These distractions can have justifiable causes but damaging nonetheless. Anything that takes you off your road too your destiny is an unhealthy distraction. 

This doesn’t mean we never stop where to help fix a problem it just means we do not get stuck in the problem. I had an external experience that touched an internal distraction just the other day with a loved one. I offered my love and support, provided positive feedback to all involved then let it go. 

For my internal distraction I identified my emotions and experience, shared with nonjudgmental friends and was back to my own personal journey. This situation could have spiraled me for days but I only focused on my destiny and still was there for others. 

It isn’t always an easy task to stay focused on your destination. We often take internal and external distractions as signs of unworthiness but they are exactly what they are distractions nothing more. When you overcome the distractions in our lives we get to where we are going. 

There will always be distractions in our lives and where they take us is up to us. The thoughts we have been either dis powering or empowering, the choice is yours to make. Remember the vision at the end of your road is it worth moving forward if it is then you need to stay focused on that vision no matter what road you are on.

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Why Does Someone Have Grief?

Being Left Behind

To answer this question you would first have to explain the term of grief. Grief as many know occurs from loss, usually the loss of a loved one but it is not always this kind of loss, which we will get into a little later on. After a loved one dies there is a period of mourning and grief. These are very different reactions to death.

Mourning is the outward actions after death such as talking about the person, expressing feelings through other mediums such as art or music, using pen/paper to journal about the death. These are all examples of external outward expressions of loss. They are also very important practices for healing a loss of a loved one.

Grief is an internal process of loss and is only healthy if mourning a loss is done. Grief is what we are feeling inside and the emotions of loss can be numbing and debilitating to a person if they are not finding support from their community. Society often pushes the expressions that come with death aside and expect the person suffering to just get over it. Without both mourning and grieving done together without judgement a death can destroy a person.

God’s Saving Hand

Most people think of grief with death but loss comes in many forms. Some of you may have fallen upon hard times and lost everything, a marriage fell apart, your best four legged friend died, you lost your job, or a loss of bodily function. All of these losses can also cause grief. There are certain steps that a person has to take to begin their journey to heal. First, one has to acknowledge the loss and next is the acceptance of the loss.

Once these two factors are in place then it’s all about discovering new strategies that will help you learn to live with the loss you are experiencing. Most importantly grief is an individual journey that only you can choose to take. Grief is not something that is goes away from your life rather is recreates your life to include the grief you have. For a person that does not have grief I think it’s difficult to understand this and when you have grief you know it is something you always have but it changes with you in time.

I have a private Facebook group called “Let’s Talk About Death” and it is for exactly that purpose to talk about death because too often people that are suffering from death of a loved one are hushed or ignored instead of allowed to share what they think, feel and do to mourn and grieve the one they love. Feel free to find us and to share your pain so we can make it a little easier for you. In addition to that there are many books on this subject also. I also offer a free consultation if you feel you need some short term coaching. No matter what avenue you take please find your grief journey and allow yourself to heal.

This is grief

If you feel like you may be stuck in your grief you may want to click the link below to take a brief survey to measure your grief.


Is Mindset The New Buzz Word?


Is Mindset the new buzz word for the 21st century? Mindset has much to do with perception and the way you think about things. Some people take an idea and bring it to a very negative place while others bring a positive spin on any idea they encounter. So where are you when it comes to the way you process new information. Do you go directly pass the positive flow of life into the world of negativity or do you stop and process something and turn it into a positive.

Most of my life I fought with this idea and there were many battles in my head about the way I would think about something. Some call it renting space in your head or owning you. Life isn’t always flourishing with positive energy and let’s face it there are a lot of people out there that are irritated with a person that is always looking on the bright side of things. So obstacles do face us on a daily basis but where do we really want to land with the Negative Nancy or with the Positive Pauly.

I used to hear this saying, actually a lot of sayings that I refused to leave at the level they were told, so I always took things to the extended level. One of these statements were, “I never promised you a rose garden”. I really disliked this comment so I added to that version with a little bit of a flip and said, “I promised you a rose garden but remember there are thorns to prick you and manure to nourish them.”

Another one that always irked me was “do you want your cake and eat it too”? Well of course we want our cake and eat it too, why bother to have cake if you can’t eat it. So my version is “you can have your cake and eat it too but you may have to carry a little more weight around with you or exercise a little longer if you do not want to suffer consequences. Changing ideas around came to me at a fairly young age and I believe it was the beginning of my concept of Mindset for the years to come.

So the idea of mindset has been around for a long time, the author of “Think And Grow Rich” wrote this profound book in 1937 and Napoleon Hill began to teach generation after generation about the concept of if you change your thinking you can change your life. Again this is all ideas on mindset and law of attraction.

In the 21st century we put this idea into a very popular term but the concept has been around since the early 20th century or even earlier. There are even stories in the Bible about thinking in a manner that you manifest an outcome, be it good or bad. To answer the question of whether it is a new buzz word probably but it is a very old idea and it has brought many people of life of abundance.

Think It And Then Become It

Are You Carrying Around Emotional Baggage?

Like a storm all around

Are you stuck in a feeling that you just can’t get passed? Is facing new days and new situations more than you want to deal with? Are you unmotivated about life? Do you feel angry more than you wish to be? If you are, what are some of the strategies or skills you use to relieve your mind from the turmoil and emotional pain?

What is Emotional Baggage? Usually emotional baggage or emotional pain stems from past experiences that interfere with a person moving forward in a positive and productive manner. They can range from childhood experiences that were unresolved, traumatic events in life, or bad breakups in a marriage. No matter when or why the cause it can be crippling to a person and fear of moving on will keep them in a very unhealthy place.

Developing healthy relationships can become impossible for individuals with emotional baggage and until the emotional pain is addressed and resolved a person has an inability to move forward in their everyday life. Emotional pain can create a number of other mental illnesses which could develop into something more serious needing medical attention.

Carrying around emotional baggage can be a difficult thing to overcome but there are resources available to help people with emotional pain be it physical, mental or spiritual. In the world we live in; there are constant messages that come in text, video, workshops, and even for personal coaching. People that suffer from the stigma of emotional pain do not realize that there are so many answers out there and there is a perfect one for you.

What works for one may not work for another so to have the choice of treatment is one of the advantages of the 21st century but to do nothing and continue to suffer alone or miserably with another is not the answer. Take the time to find the right fit for healing and then take the steps to find your new normal. It may not be what you thought but it can still be totally amazing.

The Reality Of Coaching In Today’s World?

Coaching brings the possibility of YOU

Coaching is often confused with counseling and mental health when it has nothing to do with the medical profession at all. Coaching is a way to for a person to take control of their own lives and goals with the assistance of another person that’s only role is to help the client reach goals without any emotional obstacles getting in the way. A counselor will provide a client with a diagnosis and identify the emotions that are interfering in their lives and the emotions are a product of what is wrong with them. 

Coaching vs. Counseling vs. Mentoring

What should a person know when deciding on coaching, counseling, or mentoring? First let’s identify how they are similar, all want to  help clients to reach their goals successfully, see progress in their clients, and help their clients to learn new skills to reach their goals. 

Coaching is usually short-term task oriented goals with a focus on how to accomplish goals for the future. Coaching is present day obstacles that need to be cleared away for immediate success and for future success.  A coach will focus on how to reach these goals through a variety of new systematic ways that will accomplish a positive end result. 

Counseling is an emotional oriented goal focused on events from the past that may explain the “why” of behaviors. Counseling is usually long term and may include medical treatments. Counseling will have a diagnosis for the presenting behaviors and will include a treatment plan for obtaining goals be it past, present or future. Counseling may also involve medications that can only be prescribed by a doctor. 

Mentoring is usually in a workplace type setting and is for the purpose of retention and developing the necessary skills for the new staff or member. Mentoring is often long term and is usually assigned by skills needed for the assignment given. Mentoring can be a very positive way to build expertise with a new position and help one to understand the immediate culture of the environment. 

Types of Coaching in Today’s World


Find Your Fit


In today’s world you can find a coach for just about anything. Coaching is so huge that most coaches have a specific niche that they consider themselves and expert. There are five main categories of coaching that all coaching can fall under. They are executive coaching, career coaching, skills coaching, relationships coaching, and personal life coaching. 

Under each category the list can be huge. As a coach myself I would fall under the personal life coaching in the area of grief and recovery. The expertise can be very well defined with each coaching practice and no matter what your niche is there are plenty of people looking for your services in the coaching field. 

Why hire a professional coach

The greatest things a person can accomplish in their life is making their dreams come true and becoming empowered by the experience. Coaching will not give you your dreams or even make you feel empowered but a great coach will help you find your unique and true path to those dreams and during that journey you will become empowered through your accomplishments. 

A great coach will lead you to self sufficiency and make sure when you are ready to walk your journey that you are equipped with all the right tools and beliefs that you need to make it on your journey’s path. Together you will define clear goals and the steps to accomplish them. 

A coach will keep you moving forward and will not allow you to excuse yourself from the life you are seeking. No labels just action steps that will require your full attention. Can you imagine a life where you are in control of your outcomes and you take the actions needed for your own success?

Are you ready

If you are feeling stuck and not sure on how to get unstuck you may benefit from the coaching experience. Many people like to go it alone and there is nothing wrong with that but sometimes the voice in our head can create diversions that are unnecessary on our journey. 

I know for me having true guidance and acceptance was a key to opening so many of the doors of success. I was quick but it was consistent and had I done this journey alone it may never have come to light. My journey still continues and it always will so welcoming another person’s guidance lessons the workload of trying to figure it all out alone. 

For me, self-awareness and setting goals have changed my life and it was only through trusting and sharing with another that I was able to define who I was and where I wanted to go. The right people will always have the right words to get you on your journey no matter how many diversions you may take. 

If you are looking for more information

about coaching and would like to chat please feel free to comment or send a private message and I will be more than happy to provide a free consultation.


Time To Stop The Limited Beliefs

Think It, Feel It, and Become It

What is a limited mindset? As a young girl I was taught that people are born into circumstances and that we can’t change our outcome. I believed that my life would consist of being a high school drop out, working a job I hated, and settling for little.

Today this would be classified as limited beliefs and while growing up I was surrounding by them like many of others. It wasn’t until late in my life that I realized that I create my circumstances which in turn creates my outcomes and what a revelation that was.

Now my way of life some years later I practice changing the mindset that I knew as a child and knowing how powerful this practice can be for an individual it’s time to pass it on to others that are stuck in a mindset that no longer serves them. This is a daily practice that doesn’t have to be done perfectly but practice makes perfect for a person like myself.

There are so many ways to learn a new mindset and you can create within your mind the life you are truly meant to live. Our minds are powerful, with that power we can create whoever we want to be. So if you were told you couldn’t do something as a child they lied because you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

Profound, yes it most certainly is, this concept is way beyond profound and I a firm believer that anyone can overcome any limited belief from earlier on in their lives. There are so many excellent people that teach this way of life and also so many different practice that help one to develop a stronger mindset.

If you are ready to begin a new and meaningful way of life then let’s chat and because there is much to learn and explore. There will never be enough time for it all but the beginning is where we all start and then we breathe as the good energy enters and the bad energy leaves. Let’s learn and explore this together and see what is created.

Law Of Attraction