Focus On The Road Ahead

When you take your mind off your vision in front of you fear sets in.

Does your road become broken and scary same days? When the road gets tough focus on what Is ahead and keep moving forward and you will get to your destination. 

There are days that we lose our focus and it can be due to internal or external reasons. These distractions can have justifiable causes but damaging nonetheless. Anything that takes you off your road too your destiny is an unhealthy distraction. 

This doesn’t mean we never stop where to help fix a problem it just means we do not get stuck in the problem. I had an external experience that touched an internal distraction just the other day with a loved one. I offered my love and support, provided positive feedback to all involved then let it go. 

For my internal distraction I identified my emotions and experience, shared with nonjudgmental friends and was back to my own personal journey. This situation could have spiraled me for days but I only focused on my destiny and still was there for others. 

It isn’t always an easy task to stay focused on your destination. We often take internal and external distractions as signs of unworthiness but they are exactly what they are distractions nothing more. When you overcome the distractions in our lives we get to where we are going. 

There will always be distractions in our lives and where they take us is up to us. The thoughts we have been either dis powering or empowering, the choice is yours to make. Remember the vision at the end of your road is it worth moving forward if it is then you need to stay focused on that vision no matter what road you are on.

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I have been in the helping professions for many years. First, as an educator in special education where I worked with many students that were experiencing a lot of emotional pain that interfered with their understanding of the world. I spent 25+ years in education and I loved working with young people and helping them to become better learners in their environments. As time passed I explored the area of grief coaching due to the loss of my own son of 15 years and experiencing many other friends suffering from loss also. Many would say "I know you understand", and even though everyone's pain is different often all anyone needs is someone to listen and care. I have also had many years of experience in the area of substance and alcohol abuse and found that there was a place in this world where I could continue to help people in my own setting and style, so I created the Jovea Divine Health Transformations coaching business and Jovea Creates healing through crystals products. Today I wish to share this world with anyone that may be in a place that is not conducive to who they really are and I hope you come along on this beautiful journey with me.
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2 Responses to Focus On The Road Ahead

  1. Al you says:

    When I was a youth service officer at a detention hall in Middletown CT called Long Lane, I spoke with many kids who got caught up in the here and now and got themselves in trouble. They would have never been in any trouble if they only would have had some one like you to talk to. These were young as 13 years old who had already at that age committed serious crimes even murder. Your service would have been very beneficial to these kids.

    • admin says:

      Well I have always liked the kids that were falling through the cracks and I usually built a really good rapport with them. I can honestly say that I am very proud of the career choices I have made and there will always be a part of me available to help young kids know their potential beyond a fenced in room. I appreciate your comment and hope we can continue the service that we are both doing for young and older.

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