The Healing Begins Within

This photo and the quote that I created is really what healing is all about for me. I spent a lot of my life living in the past, rehashing the negative moments, and regretting everything. Today my life begins on a positive note with a simple picture and then my words that I feel match the image.

Once I have done this I do my prayers and meditation. My day never begins on a negative note unless something out of the ordinary interferes with my routine. As I go through the day I make a point to try to help another person either in person, by phone, text message or through the content I write.

Healing is a daily process and the biggest part of continued healing is keeping life in the day with gratitude for everything that I have the opportunity to experience. This doesn’t mean that my life is perfect it only means that I accept my life with all of its imperfections in it on a daily basis. My life is perfectly imperfect and I am a continued work in progress. So I challenge you to be grateful for the imperfect life you have and to love where you are at today.