Look In Your Mirror

What do you see in the mirror?

Self-image is the beginning of mindset and where we can go from there. When you look in the mirror what do you see looking back at you? Do you see weakness or strength? Do you see talent or untalented? Is it disfigurement or good body image? Self-image begins with looking in the mirror and seeing the person you are inspired to be. If you look in your mirror and see anything less than that it is time to begin a new normal for yourself.

How do you change what you see in the mirror?

Changing your self-image is a daily practice and it sounds easy but our limited beliefs will always try to overrule the positive self-belief. So a person needs to be consistent with loving themselves and nurturing the inside as well as the outside. There are a number of ways that a person can begin this change of perception so let’s talk about some of them here in this post.

Having a daily ritual is very important to feeling good inside. Personally, I begin my day with some kind of spiritual feeding and it always includes my morning prayers that some type of motivational speaker. After this, I will post in my Facebook feed, story, and private group some kind of healing message. During this time I am having my two cups of coffee to start my day and maybe the day will come when those cups are replaced with something healthier. I have heard that coffee does have some nutritional value but more investigation into this is needed.

Once I move on from that I tap into my physical body and do some exercises that help with my blood flow and brain function. Breathing is a huge part of all your bodily functions and while I am breathing my mind is either clear of focused on something positive. Stretching is another way that I prepare my body for a good day. After all of these daily practices, I will eat something that is nourishing and healthy. Now, this is probably my biggest downfall because I love foods of different kinds so if I indulge I do pay attention to what it is I am digesting into my body. Do these practices really work?

Now, this is not a cure-all it is good practice for thinking positive about who I am. Some other practices are affirmations that I repeat in my head and in the mirror even after I believe them I still repeat them. It doesn’t take much to destroy what is built. Have you ever heard the story about the kid that ran up and stole an old lady’s purse? Most of us have heard stories like this more often than not. Now think about how often you hear the story of the boy that dropped everything to help the old lady cross the street. Too often the negative spreads more than the positive. So we have to work harder to keep the positive flowing through us and those around us.

There are so many little cliches that work here. Have you heard about the person that will say I am having a bad day or I had the worse day ever? We all have probably been that person at some point. The reality is we have bad moments and usually when we look at things from this perspective nothing is so huge that it can take the whole day from us. I haven’t always seen things this way and there are days I do struggle with this perception but I know that when my perception of life changes my perception of self changes.

3 Easy Steps To Take Each Day

Every day before you move into your daily life take 5 minutes to practice these simple steps. No more and no less. Hopefully, before this exercise, you have also done some kind of morning ritual that puts your mind, body, and spirit in a place where you are open to ideas.

1. Look in the mirror and identify 3 things you see that are awesome about yourself

2. After you identify your awesomeness then state 1 affirmation for your day

3. Say “I Love You” to all of you today.

Do this for 21 days and then watch the way you feel about yourself. An action takes at least 21 days to become a habit. If at the end of the 21 days you still feel like you did before this exercise began then do it another 21 days. Make this a daily practice even after you feel a change in your self-image. Remember it is in the positive things we do for ourselves that we receive our true empowerment.

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I have been in the helping professions for many years. First, as an educator in special education where I worked with many students that were experiencing a lot of emotional pain that interfered with their understanding of the world. I spent 25+ years in education and I loved working with young people and helping them to become better learners in their environments. As time passed I explored the area of grief coaching due to the loss of my own son of 15 years and experiencing many other friends suffering from loss also. Many would say "I know you understand", and even though everyone's pain is different often all anyone needs is someone to listen and care. I have also had many years of experience in the area of substance and alcohol abuse and found that there was a place in this world where I could continue to help people in my own setting and style, so I created the Jovea Divine Health Transformations coaching business and Jovea Creates healing through crystals products. Today I wish to share this world with anyone that may be in a place that is not conducive to who they really are and I hope you come along on this beautiful journey with me.
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