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You Become What You Choose

Just What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation, itself has great meaning, to manifest something is to create something from something else. As a child my sister and I would make mud pies from all of what was around us. We used the dirt, water, and sawdust to manifest a mud pie. Of course, she would try to convince me that this manifestation was delicious but I didn’t buy it. The dirt and water would be the chocolate pudding filling and the sawdust was the crumb crust. The creation was a manifestation of what was available to what was envisioned.

When I think about manifestation for a person it is exactly that creating something from what was all ready in existence (the body, mind, & spirit) to what the human being could believe or envision through those three entities in order to manifest something that is empowered with insight and mental fortitude. Now the pie story was a very simple version of a manifestation but it certainly makes a good example of how something can be manifested. 

How Does Manifestation Occur? 

Manifesting your dreams is a process that occurs when practiced and it involves the power of the mind’s energy. It is believed that one can manifest anything they want or desire through the process of manifestation. The first step in manifestation is to believe in the power of yourself. There are three basic strategy to manifest your dreams and wants.

The first is visualization, in this technique a person will find a quiet place where there are no distractions and then through breathing you will clear your mind. Your body will feel relaxed and open to the mind’s energy source. At this time you will be able to think about what you want once you have a clear image of this you will then feel you experiencing this want. Now that you have felt if you will believe it will appear be. Now, this may not occur immediately in time but if you continue to believe your thoughts and feelings you will achieve your manifestation. 

There are some great videos that provide some wonderful manifestation walk through. A person that I have found to do a great visualization is Gregg Braden in his video of teaching one how to ask through prayer. Gregg goes with a monk to a spiritual spot to pray and the monk then walks him through this process. It’s an easy way to do a manifestation for yourself. 

The next is scripting or journal writing. There may be individuals that have trouble visualizing in their mind but to write the visualization down with every last detail comes much easier for this person. They can write the way it feels, looks and every single detail about it. They journal daily what it will be like when this happens and write as if this has already happened and have gratitude for your vision.

The last process to manifestation is vision boarding. This can be a very powerful strategy to project your immediate short term goals as well as your 5 year plan. A vision board is a hands-on approach to visualization and can be a very empowering way to see your dreams manifest into reality. Jack Canfield is a big promoter of vision boards and how they can help manifest your dreams. Vision boards can be a lot of fun and bring out a person’s creativity. 

Some people will use all three techniques to manifest their dreams and then others may choose just one of these techniques. What ever you choose to manifest your dreams remember to think it, feel it, and believe it. 

Is It Difficult To Manifest Your Dreams?

The most difficult things to be able to do in order to manifest your dreams is to clear your mind of all negative self-talk. Many people have limited beliefs that have been within our minds and hearts since childhood. Often a person has spent a lifetime hearing and repeating things like “I’m so stupid” or “I can’t get that kind of job”. These statements can cripple a person to the point where they have no beliefs in themselves and when you are doing visualization you can not have self-talk that will disrupt the process of manifestation

In order for a person to move from these limited beliefs you have to acknowledge the belief and process where that belief came from, once you have identified the belief you then learn to rephrase that belief as a positive statement it will no longer negatively impact your mind or limit you. This is done when you turn the phrase around to become a positive statement this now becomes your new affirmation. Anytime you find yourself thinking empower you, pause and then restate it so that you become empowered. 

Negative creates negative so we always need to address any negative thoughts before we can move forward with manifesting your dreams. So the key is to be positive and more positive will appear around you. You have the power to create your reality. 

What is most important about all of this is not the technique to manifest your dreams, it is the belief in your dreams that is the most important part of all of this. If in the beginning it feels impossible it’s alright just keep practicing and it will feel stronger for you. As your belief in your thoughts strengthen so will the outcome of your thoughts manifest. 

What’s the fastest way to manifest something you want?

The fastest way to manifest something you want is to just think it, feel it and believe. The more you believe it the faster it will happen. Only you can interrupt this process so stay focused on your thoughts and keep your affirmations powerfully positive and one day you will have exactly what you were manifesting in your mind. 

Searching For Help With Manifesting Your Dreams

There are so many people that are renowned leaders in helping others manifest their dreams through the process of mental empowerment. If you feel that you would benefit from the help of a professional person in this area the link below will take you to a man that is an author, speaker, and successful business man.

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