Never Walk Alone

Do you walk alone on your path?

Often along our path we feel alone but feeling alone is not the same as being alone. If you are alone then you need to be sure that you are relying on some kind of spiritual guidance because alone we are our own worst enemies.

When a person is alone they are isolated or in solitude and this is not necessarily a bad thing for an individual. If a person isolates in order to find solitude or peace of mind then being alone can be beneficial for someone. Isolation to avoid social situations could impact a person’s mental well-being.

Loneliness is a feeling within your soul

Loneliness or being lonely is a sadness that a person is having through the feeling of lack. That lack of social interaction can be anything from self-esteem, loss, or relationship problems. Loneliness can be painful for an individual and often may need to seek professional help. Loneliness is developed from feelings of isolation and not belonging in this world. The idea of being alone is more of a state of mind or state of physical being.

Often when a person is lost with them self they can experience both of these states. One can overcome the feeling of loneliness and the state of being alone through a number of daily practices. There are activities if a person is feeling lonely that you can do immediately from the comfort of your home. They can be as simple as talking to a family or friend on the phone. This is an excellent way to interact with other people and become part of a give and take relationship.

Loneliness has a lot to do with not feeling enough to be a part of something outside of yourself. Another activity can be social media for positive interaction. If you are participating in social media negatively it could set you up for more isolation because conflict can be a cause of loneliness. Participate with friends by commenting and liking posts. Send a private message to a person to chat more intimately. If you have a passion for something find a private group that you can join.

Are there other people like Hav

Having like-minded people can be important in the feeling of belonging and creating a community that is healing for self. On my social media platforms I stay way from controversy and negativity this helps my energy level to stay at a level that is productive. I also block people that bring a negative vibe or representation to my page.

Having the luxury of being alone for me is great. I enjoy my space and doing what I want every day without another person impacting that. There are days that other responsibilities make my schedule but for the most part I do my own thing when and how I like. There was a day when it wasn’t like this and I felt like I needed someone around and usually that someone was an unhealthy addition for my life.

Today my life is so much easier and satisfying so the need for another person has diminished. I believe that is when the loneliness changed into alone by choice. This was an area that I struggled with and when I start to feel lonely I simply make a call to someone, go for coffee, or spend time on my FaceBook page. These are practices that are an easy fix to loneliness and being alone.

Why do I choose to be lonely or alone?

There are many reasons why a person would choose to be alone or lonely. Sometimes the need to dig deeper is there and there are so many resources that will help someone to help with these feelings. Some ideas that I would mention is spiritual healing and this can be developed through prayer, meditation, or motivational videos. There are a number of YouTube videos that can fill anyone of these options or all. Personally, I have a morning ritual where I pray, breathe, listen to videos, and do my daily inspirational posts.

Yoga is a great practice to build up mental and physical strength. There are certain yoga stretches that will help with chakra balancing if this is an area of interest. If you get a beginners book on chakra or crystal healing you can find a number of holistic ways to heal the feeling of loneliness. Journaling is a great way to tap into your loneliness and what may trigger this feeling. You can even journal about why you like being alone and when you are done set a goal for the day to change one thing that keeps you in this state of mine.

Where can I find help?

Today we are inundated with information for a person to receive on any issue that may be causing pain or discomfort. All one needs to do I type in “why do I feel lonely” and you will receive 254,000,000 results on this topic. Results that not only address that question but also results that will help you to solve your loneliness. The root cause is usually deep-rooted and it may cause you to look within yourself to find some answers to this question.

No matter what the cause may be you are not alone and there are others out there feeling the same as you. Finding yourself is essential to finding happiness in a crowd or alone at home. I have felt the worse loneliness within a crowd of people and for many years avoided social gatherings at the expense of many relationships. This is something I struggle with still but most important is I am aware of the fact that I feel this way.

The best thing you can do for yourself is learned to be yourself, be the strongest version of yourself, and make the best imprint in the sand that you can. Each step you take be sure you leave a good imprint. It’s not the number of steps but the quality of the imprint you leave on your path. Loneliness and being alone is not a bad thing and if it is bothering you just do a few of the things that have been suggested here. You will leave a great imprint when you decide to do that.

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