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The Healing Journey for me has been a major part of my life and as I get older, I realize that my healing journey has been a lifelong dream that can and will come to life. How to heal from the many pains that life may have does not have to cause one to suffer an entire life and that is what my purpose is in this lifetime.

A Life Long Journey

Healing has been ongoing and self-propelled for many years before I realized I was on a journey. As a young girl, I knew that my courage could lead me out of much of the dysfunction I witnessed in my childhood. My first journey came at the age of 26 when I sought help for substance abuse and at that time I knew there was more out there and I began that first journey of healing in the recovery world and I found so much acceptance and unconditional love for the first time in my life.

Life was finally worth every breath that I took I started a family I never imagined I would have. My life took me on a few different career paths and each one led me closer to my true destiny in life. I learned to live a life where I was now accountable for my actions.

I was content with these accomplishments and knew that I was a power of example for family and friends both young and old. My life was also blessed with a spiritual awareness that deepened as time passed. As I learned how to increase my spirituality my life was changing rapidly and one day I found myself asking “WHY” I was burying my firstborn.

Now healing from the loss of a child, I found myself questioning many of my beliefs.  The day came when I knew that my journey would show me a path to heal from this loss and again a new journey began. As my life continued, I realized that my gift was to help others heal their hearts from emotional pain like my own and a new path opened up for me. It was through the worse time of my life that I found my soul and saw my future being laid out.

Now, this does not mean that life was happily ever after, in fact it was a life full of ups and downs but what changed was me and the ability to handle anything that was put before me.  I still have obstacles interfere with my daily peace of mind and the work I do is essential for myself as well as for anyone that I am blessed to help.

I worked in education for many years, as a special education teacher and helping young people become their best selves helped me to realize that my best self was to work with others that are learning to find a healing journey so that they will be able to move with their grief and find a mindset that will empower them to live once again.

As I moved on to grief and mindset coaching I know there are many like myself searching for their own healing journey, so I am here to offer a little bit of myself in exchange for you to find a little bit of yourself and yes that will only be a start.

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It Begins Within!

I Want To Help Others

to find their own healing journey because I know there is so much more to our lives than the pain we have been carrying and once we begin our journey we will truly have a life second to none. We are meant to think our dreams, feel our dreams and then become our dreams and together we can do just that.


The purpose of my life and this website is to help you find your path and to provide you with the support and resources to make your journey possible.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

EvaMarie Young


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I have been in the helping professions for many years. First, as an educator in special education where I worked with many students that were experiencing a lot of emotional pain that interfered with their understanding of the world. I spent 25+ years in education and I loved working with young people and helping them to become better learners in their environments. As time passed I explored the area of grief coaching due to the loss of my own son of 15 years and experiencing many other friends suffering from loss also. Many would say “I know you understand”, and even though everyone’s pain is different often all anyone needs is someone to listen and care. I have also had many years of experience in the area of substance and alcohol abuse and found that there was a place in this world where I could continue to help people in my own setting and style, so I created the Jovea Divine Health Transformations coaching business and Jovea Creates healing through crystals products. Today I wish to share this world with anyone that may be in a place that is not conducive to who they really are and I hope you come along on this beautiful journey with me.

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