Part Two Summary: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich Philosophy

For many people this book alone helped many to become abundant in their lives. The idea that desire can bring about anything you want. When a person has the desire to achieve something they never feed their defeat but instead keep moving forward through that defeat. The first part of my summary of Think and Grow Rich covered the first 6 steps that are needed to be successful.

We have learned that dreams are what give us the desire to achieve something. There is nothing that we dream or think that is impossible to gain. Knowing your desires then we need to have the faith to make it happen. Faith can be confused with religion and if you are religious that is fine but if you are not a religious person faith is still an action you can be accomplished. Do you have faith that when you flip a light switch the light will go on. There is nothing powerful in that idea it is something you automatically know the light will go one. This is faith.

Once you have faith you now need to keep the faith through auto-suggestion or self talk in the world of psychology. Use of this technique the negative thoughts will be replaced with positive thoughts. Some of you may have heard the statement, “faith without works is dead” well auto-suggestion is the beginning of the working process of your desires. Napoleon Hill has made this famous statement that many motivational speakers use to this day “Think It, Feel It, Believe It.

Now we believe in ourselves have been empowered with positive mindset and have specialized our knowledge to make that dream come true. Whatever your desire you can now unfold the plan to make it happen. Once we have the faith to make our desires come true and are using self-talk and knowledge combined with imagination you have the very beginnings of your new life of abundance.

This portion of the summary will cover the following steps in Napoleon Hill’s well-read text on becoming abundant. We have talked about the first five steps in the first summary of this book and will now summarize steps 6 – 10 from the text. There are a total of 13 steps and an epilogue. So the next summary will cover the last three steps and the epilogue.

Step #6 Organized Planning

Organized Planning according to Napoleon Hill states that without a sound plan a person will never create their fortune. The process or organized planning is to find like-minded people to share ideas and mindsets with. These can be social media groups or a small mastermind group and meet with this group consistently but at least twice a week. Have a goal for the group as to what the group will offer and what a member will take away.

An important fact for any kind of group is to be respectful of all members and their are no right or wrong answers to any dream that one may have. This group should be there to support the successes but also to lift up the failures. Everyone should know that plans fail but that does not mean you fail. Having a sustainable mindset to keep moving forward should be an important role of the group.

In the beginning of organized planning you maybe a follower and this is where you will soak up all that you can to one day become the leader. There is nothing wrong with the learning stages of being a follower and it does not have to be forever if you don’t want it to be. Most great leaders begin by being a follower. Just know that to be a great leader is takes a lot of skills that this book defines in detail.

Organized planning is also a way to guarantee that one does not fail. Hill has thirty different reasons what may cause a person to fail so it is in good note taking that you can prepare yourself for success by knowing what can cause you to fail. Knowing how not to fail is very good information for your future success.

Step #7 Procrastination

Procrastination is a huge stumbling block for many people that want to venture out to become successful. This is an area of the person’s character that needs to be overcome immediately if a person wants to find success. Procrastination will keep you from making decisions that need to be made.

A person falls into the procrastination game when they are easily influenced by other people’s opinions. Usually it is with close friends and relatives that may be concerned but in their concern they plant the seeds of doubt. For many people venturing out to achieve a dream is unrealistic and scary so their advice is harmful to you. Only you can overcome the ideas that others put in your head and if your dream is worth it then you need to move forward no matter what other’s opinions may be.

To avoid being a procrastinator you must be a doer. You do not need to wait for anyone else’s approval on a decision. Your actions will prove that you have the doer attitude. The world has too many people that talk about what they are going to do and years later they are still talking. Be the person that talks about your dreams but have also shown the actions taken to achieve those dreams.

Step #8 Persistence

Persistence is the combination of will power and desire. You can have desires and never get anywhere in your life but where you started. The steps after desire are the ones that are making this dream become a reality but to continue to be motivated with your desires you need the will power or persistence to keep going.

A person that has persistence will not get discouraged by a failure they will find the obstacle that caused the failure and then they will work just as hard to remove that obstacle as they did toward their dream. Think of it this way, you build a fire to sit around on a cool evening. Your fire is a little small so it will go out pretty quickly and it will not keep you all that warm.

Building a fire with the right amount of wood and air then that fire can burn for hours throwing off heat in a much larger area. Your persistence can be very similar to burning your desire as that larger fire or it can be built small only meant to last for a small amount of time with a small amount of heat. So build your fire to be a great heat source.

Many people let criticism interfere with their success. You can build persistence is to have a burning desire, a definite plan, eliminate negativity, and like-minded people. Persistence is something that can be developed and Hill covers this in detail in his book.

Step #9 Power of the Mastermind

Achieving the goals of your desires is finding the like-minded people that you will be able to mastermind with. Creating a mastermind group is what will provide you with the power to achieve success. In the creation of a mastermind group it only needs to be 2 or more people and together where ideas flow and creativity develops through like-minded ideas.

Hill suggests forming a group of 12 or less to meet at least twice a week. This group is to provide feedback, encouragement, and ongoing support to each other. The idea is to build and develop an arena where you all become experts in success. Learning through each other’s successes and failures is very beneficial.

Step #10 Sex Transmutation

When one transmutes they change one form of energy into another and one of the most powerful energy forces is sexual desires. Being familiar with chakras it is the solar plexus that harnesses the creative energies in a person’s body. This of course if a subject for another day but it is known that sexual energy is powerful and of course where we have the innate ability to create or recreate.

Just knowing that sex transmutation is there is not enough to have this energy transformed into success you have to develop a creative path for the transmutation to take place. This can be developed through many forms of mind stimuli. Some of these energies are withing the mind, body, and spirit. Other forms of developing the transmutation are outside forces. All of these energies can be destructive if they are driven by negative forces. Driven by positive love forces they can be very powerful ways to success.

How can these steps help with everyday people?

Napoleon Hill believed that his formula to success could help any everyday person that had a dream or desire. With this simple but sometimes difficult process you can become abundant in the way that you choose to be. Abundance has a different meaning for everyone. What is abundance to you? It is probably different for anyone that you know.

One thing that it is to everyone is a satisfaction with life. Now given that statement, one does not have to become a millionaire to be abundant. Personally, I just want to be able to do what I love and to help others while I do it. Now, do I want to make a living with what I do? Earning a living is very different for me today as a retired person from when I was a single mom of three children.

Today, I want to earn enough money to move from campground to campground throughout the USA. I want to enjoy my time wherever I go and be able to welcome others to a campfire mastermind group. With all that being said I am on my way to living the dream and you can be tool.

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2 Responses to Part Two Summary: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

  1. Kevin says:

    Awesome summary on Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill! I love reading books and have read many popular books on making money and self-improvement… except for Think and Grow Rich, despite its popularity. I’ve seen a lot of people recommending it and based on your article, it does look like it has very good principles to learn and follow. Do you recommend I get a copy of Think and Grow Rich?

    • admin says:

      Most motivational speakers on wealth have read this book and I do recommend it to anyone that is looking to improve their mindset. 

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