Summary Of Think And Grow Rich?

What exactly is Think And Grow Rich about?

Napoleon Hill wrote this book in 1937 and it was written based on Andrew Carnegie’s beliefs on the secret of success. This book, was meant to be a self development book that teaches individuals the power of the human mind.

If you want it bad enough you can achieve it if your mind is trained in the right way. Anyone can find great success or much failure based on the way you think.The title makes you think it is abundance being a dollar value but the idea of abundance is actually about an empowering way of life. Napoleon Hill was inspired by Andrew Carnegie during the Great Depression.

More than 70 years later this formula for success is still used by many self-learned entrepreneur and philanthropists. During the time that Napoleon Hill wrote this book he interviewed more than 500 millionaires and were inspired by them.

Think and Grow Rich continue to be used by most motivational speakers around today some 89 years after the first publication of this book. Within this book is the secret to success and Napoleon Hill presents it differently to everyone. The secret can jump out at you when you are ready to use it. The reason that the secret may jump out to people in different points of the book is because everyone is at different levels when they begin this self-improvement journey.

This book, has a formula to follow to become successful. Hill broke this formula into 13 steps to success. The steps are based on the mastery of each of the following categories; desire, faith, auto-suggestion, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, decision, persistence, power of mind mastery, mastery of sex transmutation, subconscious mind, the brain, and the sixth sense.

“Thoughts are things”

Think It Believe It Be It

In this quote we have been taught that what you think you become. This is such a common quote found everywhere in law of attraction and manifesting an abundant mindset. Speakers like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins all speak of this concept of mind power.

Your thoughts create your reality meaning that if you think you will succeed then you will focus on success on the other hand if you think you are going to fail then you will do exactly that. It’s not that successful people do not fail at things, successful people will not allow the thought of failure create their reality.

Another person that speaks of this concept through prayer is Gregg Braden, he speaks of the lost book of the bible that talk about when you ask God for something, you think it, you feel it, and then you believe it. He will point out the scripture that you can find this wording in a video known as “How to Pray with Greg Braden”. Jack Canfield will speak about this idea through his visualization exercises and his vision boards. In today’s world this idea is emphasized everywhere on social media and coaching platforms.

I hear people say that this should have taken out of the constitution and that should have been taken out because it is too old of a document for today’s society, and then I see a book published 87 years ago being used in everyday life. Then you look at quotes people use all the time and they too came down in history. I use a quote from Shakespeare every day of my life, “To Thine Own Self Be True”. I love this quote and it reminds me to be true to me. So I think the minds of yesterday were well on the way to abundance for generations to come.

There are 13 steps or principals to a successful life. In this post I will discuss the first 5 principals and provide examples of what each one is. I have learned that each of these principles are intertwined with each other and once you use them habitually you can not separate them out. They all tend to work together and have automaticity in your life once you have created them to be a habit. Habits take the consistency of at least 21 days.

Step #1 Desire

Why is desire so important in achieving success? Without desire there is a lack of motivation to get things done. Desire is where the passion comes from to achieve what you have envisioned for your life. Wanting something will never be enough without have the desire to get it. For me, my desire is to create content for a like-minded audience so that I am helping them to meet goals that they want for their lives.

For a long time I wanted to find a way to make money from home working part-time but the wanting wasn’t getting me the at home income. It wasn’t until I found a niche or a passion for the content that I love to create that I could actually make it possible to have my dream job at home. It is only through my desire that I am able to make this happen.

Step #2 Faith

Now faith is a practice that gets stronger the more you  believe in something. I have had times when faith was really strong during different times of my life but without courage to keep going and belief in an outcome faith becomes and idea without action.

With faith, you believe in the things that you desire no matter what that desire may be. I am sure you have heard the term “the burning desire”, it is faith that creates the burn. Now faith can be strengthened through daily affirmations but our faith can be weakened by our limited beliefs. When you begin to have limited beliefs in your head immediately say some affirmations that you have favored in your life. The opposite of faith is fear so if you are not moving forward because of fear you will need to step up your faith.

Step #3 Auto Suggestion

Auto suggestion is when you work through your limited beliefs. We gain limited beliefs our entire lives, they come from our parents, schools, and community. As a young child my mother always called me her lazy child and this impacted my motivation for many years. I was also told that I was the chunky one and both of these statements created a mindset that always caused me problems with self-esteem, weight, and lack of motivation in my life.

It took many years to realize how much pain those two statements caused me. Today I record new messages in my head and when there is a limited belief interfering with my goals then I play the better recordings until the old ones go away.

Step #4 Specialized Knowledge

Specialized knowledge is getting away from knowing a little about a lot and moving toward knowing a lot about a little. The old saying a “jack of all trades” is not what will bring one success. I have a couple area of expertise and I believe that I know these areas well because I have lived them and I can help others in these areas. My areas of expertise are grief and recovery/addiction. As a mom that lost a child I found myself becoming a certified grief coach once I did some healing on my own grief journey.

My expertise with recovery/addiction is from putting away all substances almost 40 years ago through the use of a 12-step program where I began a life “second to none”. Now there may be things I know outside of these two ares but I do not consider myself an expert in those fields. So keeping a focus on my specialized knowledge will benefit myself but also the audience that I create in this content.

Step #5 Imagination

Now I can’t fathom getting anywhere in my life today without imagination. For many years I kept my imagination stagnant because I did not believe that I had value to offer the world. What I have learned about myself in the process of self-discovery is that I love being a creator with words, pictures and colors.

I have found that I can create anything that I desire and with my faith everything is possible for me. Two years ago I was trying to figure out how to do a home business with the coaching concept and I stumbled so many times and now I am creating content, creating a website, and creating daily inspirational photos for my social media platforms.

The imagination I have found within has been absolutely amazing and you can find it within yourself also. If you are looking for any of Napoleon Hill’s published books click the link below to begin a new journey of finding your abundant life.

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  1. I came across this book when I was barely 13, and now I am 44. During this period, I have read this book more than five times. The book is more than just instructional material; it is a must-read for anyone who wants success. I mean success and happiness. Anyone who desires a balanced life should read Think and grow rich.

    1. I do agree with you it is a text for life. They wanted to make it part of an academic curriculum for high school students and I feel they should. Thanks for your feedback.

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