What Is The Story Behind The Apache Tears?

Apache Tears

The Apache Tears is a stone considered to have healing properties for people that are experiencing the loss of a loved one. What you may not know is that these stones are originated from volcanic ash and known as black obsidian. They are not really a crystal and form in round or oval shapes. They can be found all over the world where ever there may be volcanic ashes.

So what is the story behind the apache tears? The story tells of a native apache tribe in the 1870s in the town now known as Superior, Arizona. At this time the Apache nation and the US Calvary engaged in war and the US Calvary ambushed the Apache men killing many and leaving 75 to the edge of what is now known as “Apache Leap Mountain“.

These native warriors chose to leap to their deaths rather than be captured by the white man. After the news got out of the ambush the families of these men came to the mountain side to mourn. As the tears dropped to the ground they turned to stone. This is a legend and maybe the purpose of it is retell about a devastating time.

The stone is lava that quickly dries and becomes obsidian nodules. They have a very translucent appearance and some like to carry this in their pocket as worry stone and believe it helps with grief and other negative emotions. It is also believed to work well with rose quartz for healing properties.

The story of The Apache Tears is a very moving story and it is a legend that has been passed down for many generations. One can take as just that a legend but if you find comfort with holding this stone when you are overwhelmed with grief or emotional disturbance then please allow yourself that release.