The Science of Metaphysics

chakra healingMetaphysics  what is it based on? Metaphysical principles teaches a new way of thinking based on scientific evidence and connects science with spirituality.

Metaphysics: The Basics of Metaphysics

Metaphysics and the basic knowledge comes from ancient times when enlightened leaders used the resources of nature to connect with universal wisdom and energy. Some of the earliest metaphysists are Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Aquinas and Descartes. These men are all great scientists and theologians of our times. The term has been used through many centuries of scholars but it appears to have originated during the time of Aristotle when the works of Aristotle was being categorized. The term was meant to mean beyond or after physics.

Many great men of science, philosophy and theology have added to this study of science and the state of being on earth. The nature of metaphysics has asked the great questions from the concept of the “big band” to our present day ideas. Man has been asking questions of truth from the beginning of time and will continue to ask these truths. In the area of Metaphysics the connection is based on scientific evidence of the existence of spirit energy beyond the physical presence of life.

One difference between a physicist and a metaphysicists is that physicists backs all thought by data driven by experimentation and the metaphysicists base their thought on logic and reasoning in order to develop their scientific theories. Both rely heavily on scientific facts and historical evidence provided through time. Man has been theorizing since the beginning of time and will continue to do so because questions will always develop and answers will always be needed.

What is Spiritual Metaphysics?

A spiritual Metaphysicist is a person that believes in the idea of God and Spirit based on the scientific proof of existence. A scientist may not necessarily believe in these exact words or should I say the meaning behind what is said. Both schools of thought believe that everything is created by energy and that energy is a necessary life force for anything to exist. Now given that concept of thinking let’s delve a little deeper into this subject.

Spiritual Metaphysics or spiritualism is a belief in Divine energy that is within us and also around us. The energy is ever present and can be a source of light or dark. As a spiritualist I know that I have a source of energy that will live here and hereafter. In this belief I also believe that my energy source comes from a much higher plane and the ultimate energy is what I call my Divine Master or My God. There are many people and religions that have many names for the Divine and what I have been taught is the name you give your Divinity is the name that matters.

In today’s world there are many people that practice spiritualism and you can find them everywhere. Some belong to specific organizations and others practice individually. The best way to describe this way of living is the new mindset way of living. Mindset is based on changing the ideas we have been taught throughout our lives to a power thought process that will disconnect the negative thoughts or energies and reconnect our more powerful positive thoughts to become a highly functioning energized person.

Metaphysical Spiritual Laws

There are 12 fundamental laws that are connected to metaphysical spiritualism and I will provide a brief synopsis of them here. You will probably be familiar with some of them because many of the motivational speakers today use them. This list is not in the order of relevance by more in the order of recollection.

Law of Attraction, this law in simple terms mean that what you think you become. Now, that sounds wonderful but it really does go much deeper than this and many people attempt to change their lives with this law and this law alone. Positive thinking is great and it can keep us from negatively responding to situations that come up but it is only a part of how you can create an abundant life for yourself and the ones you love. Positive thinking is powerful and we can overcome a lot of chaos in this world with it but this law alone will not be the miracle one may be searching for.

Law of Divine Oneness, when simple put means that we are all connected through divine spirit. This means that all people are important not just the people that think or act like us but everyone has that divinity within them so everyone is connected to us.

Law of Vibration, states that everything that exists has energy and all energy is relevant. Tangible or not everything has a vibration and is a source of energy. This can be anything from the coffee table to the thought you have right now in your mind, yes it sounds strange but everything is relevant when it comes to energy.

Law of Correspondence, is the law that aligns your outer self with the true reality of your inner self. We reflect our inner emotions through our outer flow. So in other words if you are a hot mess on the outside than your inner most being is also a hot mess. Our outwardly appearance is always a direct result of what we are experiencing on the inside spiritual side.

Law of Inspired Action, is the direct result of our true self when aligned with our higher selves. This is developed through the act of prayer and meditation. The word prayer may be troublesome so consider that to mean quiet talks alone aligned with quiet listening. It is though this action that we become our true sense of being and act according to divine thought.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, is the constant flow of energy whether it be high (positive for the greater good) or low (negative forces in play) it is always evolving around us and we determine which energy that will flow through us.

Law of Cause and Effect, is another powerful way that our minds determine the results of our lives. To change our outcomes we must begin with the change of thoughts. The best way that I know this occurs is through the act of prayer.

Law of Compensation, is another way of saying that you reap what you sow as in the words of the bible. So what you give outer you receive back as a direct result or karma in life.

Law of Relativity, is all about respecting all perceptions of life. Two people may go through exactly the same experience but the perceptions are completely different from another person but both are relative. Both are right because every individual perceives the same experience differently.

Law of Polarity, states that everything has an opposite. Every problem has a solution and when given a difficult situation there is not only a solution but a lesson to be revealed.

Law of Rhythm, there are seasons in nature just as well as seasons in life. We are meant to flow through these seasons gaining the wisdom from each one we pass through.

Law of Gender, is when we align the feminine qualities with the masculine qualities to develop the whole being. Every human being has both of these qualities and to only allow one to dominate us will create an imbalance within ourselves. We are given both of these qualities to enhance our most high energies for the higher good.

Metaphysics and the Spiritual Connection Between People

Have you ever thought about someone and than the phone is ringing and their voice is on the other end? This is the spiritual connection of metaphysics. Skills are developed in the spiritual realm of metaphysics when this happens. The connection that comes from the development of your third eye or the pineal gland can enlarge the consciousness of our inner most thoughts and feelings.

Spiritualists develop this skill in a variety of ways and many of them use multiple ways to have this connection with people here in the physical earth and also spirits of loved ones passed. Based on the words of many sages through time we create a legacy through a trinity. The trinity consists of self, God, and others. How this trinity impacts us is created through the energy we disperse outer.

As we develop our spiritual selves we first love self, then we love God, and lastly we love others. These spiritual relationships define our existence here and hereafter. So the next time you think about someone you love know that they too are thinking about you.

Where can I find more?

Metaphysical studies and practice can be found in many places. You can start with a typical google search to pull up information on this topic. There are plenty of books on this subject that can be found in your local library and of course purchased at a bookstore. Amazon has an amazing array of literature on this subject.

There are a number of motivational speakers that touch on this subject but many of them only discuss the law of attraction at length. Finding information about manifesting an abundant life is much more than the law of attraction but this is a good start. There is also the movie “The Secret” that is a powerful beginning in metaphysics. Remember that metaphysics is living a life filled with love for self, God, and others. There isn’t anything better than this.